It was a pleasure to spend the day with Micah and her family on New Years Day. I have known them for many years and they are like family to me. This was the first time that I got to spend time with Josh and he fit right in!! I had been hearing about him for months from Micah and agree with her that they are truly meant for each other. Micah got ready at her parent’s home with her daughter and she and Josh spent some time together before the ceremony taking pictures around the countryside. I was really happy that they planned it that way as their ceremony was at a later time and they were just excited to get away from the hustle and bustle at the house and have fun in front of the camera. The best part for them was the fact that after the ceremony, it was straight to the reception to spend time with their families and friends and nobody was kept waiting. Their colors were festive and bright and their favours from the Vintage Bee Company were a big hit. Best wishes to Micah and Josh.