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Lucky me to be an associate photographer for Denise Gonsales. She does amazing work and I feel a bit guilty about the fun we have shooting together. I Love, Love, Love shooting weddings and we do a lot of that!! There are so many emotions and details to be captured on that day and it so exciting to be a part of it. Most of our days are 10 hours long but it goes by so quickly. What day wouldn’t be awesome that usually ends with a piece of wedding cake. (ALWAYS with permission of course). Recently we started shooting wedding anniversaries and I can not miss the opportunity to share this great online resource where you can find the best anniversary gifts for each year rated.

Let the beauty we love, be what we do

It’s simply NOT about showing people at their best. We lead such busy full lives and the days go by so quickly. My images need to tell the viewer the story of your life, relationships and love at that given moment. While our children grow up and move away and other loved ones pass on, our feelings for them live on FOREVER!. The past only lives in our minds and we spend alot of time there, everyday. One of the beautiful things about photography is the ability to revisit those moments and relive that moment. We remember how it felt, who we were and we are alive again for that time in space again. What an amazing joy it is to capture those moments!!! I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.

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