Denise Gonsales and I volunteered again for the second annual Weddings for Warriors here in Savannah at the First African Baptist Church. (Please read the history of this church, amazing) As wedding photographers, shooting 3 weddings/vow renewals in 2 hours is not exactly what you would call an ideal way to spend the day before Veterans Day. We called it an Honor. Between Denise and I, we have 3 sons, 3 nephews and countless friends now serving in the Armed Forces. Denise worked for the military for years and her husband is a retired Black Hawk pilot. My husband and I both proudly served in the Air Force. We both are quite aware of the fact that we can never, never give back what we owe to these men and women in uniform. I don’t think a few months goes by that Denise does not get a phone call that another friend has been killed in action and I have only known her for three years. The military life is a hard life. Two hours of our day – no problem.
Our three grooms were all Marines who wore their uniforms proudly and made sure that we knew that the Marine Corp was celebrating their 235th birthday that day.
The brides gowns were provided free of charge by Alfred Angelo. The flowers were donated by Kiwi Fleur and Adina at Frilly Bloomers.